'Common Sense Defence'

'Common Sense Defence' is a self-defence programme for women, by women.

Female self defence instructor, Kim Coates developed the programme inspired by her 10 years martial arts training.

Common Sense Defence is entirely female focused - Kim recognises the need to tailor specific techniques for women (effective against a bigger opponent) and training is nonsense, practical and reflects realistic situations women may experience. Kim comes from a striking martial arts background, with a 2nd Dan in karate, and has also trained for several years in judo. Lessons will not only teach students how to keep themselves safe, effectively defend themselves if needed, but will also challenge the students' thinking about their abilities and show them what they are capable of. 

Classes take place in community centers or charities, in order to engage with and improve communities. Away days and private tuition are available!

Common Sense Defence seeks to promote a positive outlook on life through sport, and empowerment of women through self-defence.

Empower, inform, inspire! 

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