Mushin Combat Academy (Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu ) is non profit organisation promoting mental health and wellbeing through Japanese Ju-Jitsu and other martial arts

Our ju-Jitsu school has its roots in Juko Ryu and is led by Shihan Sue King who has a wealth of martial arts experience spanning over thirty five years, she is assisted by her senior Yudnasha who have also crossed trained and pressure tested their skills to form an effective & combative style of ju-jitsu in an ever evolving world,

These instructors are on hand and are passionate about Ju-Jitsu and our student’s development, we treat each person as an individual and tailor support to their needs, offering Personal Development and Mentoring programs to help students reach their full potential , so why not contact us today if you are a seasoned practitioner or wish to begin your Ju-Jitsu Journey.

No politics, No egos just good ju-Jitsu training.

Mushin Combat Academy is a non-profit martial arts club.

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Japanese ju_jitsu, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing.
2 Utting Avenue East LIVERPOOL L11 1DQ
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