Train and learn to think like a PREDATOR with our primal combat training

Combat Karate is karate with the REAL put back into it. If you want to learn real martial arts/Karate then I will teach you with the ugly truth of a street attack attached to it.

I trained in martial arts for 15 years; I had tough fights hard sparring and many cuts and bruises, but still felt untested in a real sense, so at the age of 36 I went and worked on the door. What the dojo can’t prepare you for is people coming at you who really want to hurt you; people who will think nothing of pushing a glass in your face or neck, stamp on your head and laugh as they leave you in a pool of blood.

Our training is safe but with realism of street combatives added in.

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West Worthing Tennis Club Titnore Lane Worthing BN13 3RT
Contact David Oakley on 07736 399 640
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