We are a small friendly non commercial dedicated group of close combat enthusiasts that practices Olympic wrestling and Submission grappling every Thursday evenings 7 - 9pm at Stanley Deason Leisure centre, Wilsons avenue, BN2 5PB, East Brighton, East Sussex. 

Our group is purposely kept small in order to achieve better progressive practice efficiency as well as to allow us to concentrate on each member's training needs and self progression. We welcome all levels from total beginners to competition, irrespective whether you want to wrestle/grapple purely for fun, leisure, keep fit, self defence, compete or to further enhance your own discipline e.g. MMA, UFC, WWE, Pro wrestling etc. 

Our only criteria is that you must be dedicated to attend practice because being a small group, constant absences affects the progressive learning of, as well as practice satisfaction for. everyone else  in the group. Our club motto is "Winners make practice, losers make excuses"

We are licensed and insured with the BCA and our instructors are BWA qualified. We practice on Olympic FILA approved 5 tiered impact wrestling mats. 

Our club website has more details on our club. Get in touch 07584301841 or email for a chat and/or arrange a trial session.




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Stanley Deason Leisure Centre Wilson Avenue Brighton East Sussex BN2 5PB
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