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Krav Maga, which means Hand to Hand Combat in Hebrew was first developed for the Israeli Defence Forces. The first IDF Fighting Fitness Academy Krav Maga Chief Instructor was Imrich Lichtenfeld (Immi Sde-Or). Second, was Eli Avikzar, and third was Boaz Aviram.

The system was designed to create a close quarter fighter within a short period of time which will prevail, hand to hand, against an enemy with years of martial art or street fighting experience.

We pride ourselves on teaching Krav Maga techniques that work in real life situations and not teaching things that look good, but does not work.

We teach to students working within the protection fields, with direct front line experience and those who just want to learn for self-development. We are one of a few groups within the UK that facilitate students access to live fire and small arms use at a private range within the UK.

What makes PKML different is:

  1. We use only the original and true form of KRAV MAGA as developed by IMI LICHTENFELD.
  2. We use IDF (Israeli Defence Force) proven techniques.
  3. No Sports or Competitions, unlike other Martial Arts.
  4. No Holes Barred (NHB) Self Defence training.
  5. Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable instructors who care and passionate about the learning of the students. 

Class Locations:
Southgate Leisure Centre, London.  Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm and Sunday from 11:00 am – 12:30pm.

Annual Membership: £35 which includes insurance 
Pay as you go: £15
Paying in advance/10 classes: £120. 
Training t-shirt (Optional) – £15 per t-shirt

One to One training:
Many of our studetns prefer to have a personal one to one or training with a partner or friends rather than within a class group. PKML recognises that this is sometimes the case and offers this facility. Our private classes are very popular with our students. Many students joined the public classes and then requested to have private lessons as well. 
One-to-One (Price on Request)
Group of two (Price on Request)

Email us at info@pure-kravmaga.co.uk for prices and/or more information


Listing Details
Southgate Leisure Centre Winchmore Hill Road London N14 6AD
Mobile: +44 (0) 7402 282 063
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