Sev Necati Training (SNT)

Sev Necati has trained more than half her life in Martial Arts and Personal Development with some of the best people in the UK and USA. She is the Women's Self-Defence Instructor for the Self-Protection Association (SPA).  Sev has trained and developed with Paul Mckenna, Dr Richard Brandler, Jamie O’Keefe, Geoff Thompson, Den Brinkley and Alan Charlton .

Sev has also had the advantage of meeting with Roy Shaw the bare-knuckle fighter and armed robber Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw, who held the title of the "Hardest man in Britain".

Sev's work is supported by many high profile organisations such as the Metropolitan Police and Victims Support. And she has won many awards for her work having worked extensively, with some of the poorest and most deprived communities.

Sev's awards include "Best in Diversity" two years in a row.  As well as her partnership work which was the Winner of the Increasing Safety award at the Mayor’s Domestic Violence awards

Sev has been "Highly Commended" for her work in "Community Safety" and the impact she has had on making a difference in her students' lives.

Sev's passion comes from her own personal experiences of being involved in violence and being in numerous life threatening situations, as well as understanding first hand the criminal justice system.  Sev has also adapted her work from working closely on a grass roots level. 

The training she provides is realistic, practical and Sev takes a no nonsense approach, for every woman and young person to be able to use the skills she teaches, no matter your age, background or ability.

We run courses where you can attend the whole series or just the sessions you like.

Sev specialises in empowering and inspiring women and girls!




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