Uniquely, in the BCA we have extended the very traditional martial arts model of a club membership, although our clubs and groups are the backbone of the Association. Soon after starting the BCA we had numerous requests from Instructors who were teaching, but not in a club environment.

These were the more practically oriented Instructors, teaching self defence and combat systems, but outsdide the traditional club environment - some on a one-to-one basis, or running short courses, many being serving police or other front-line officers who were employed defensive tactics trainers but also teaching civilians. These are our Associate Instructors.

BCA Clubs
This membership very much mirrors the traditional martial arts club membership most instructors will be familiar with. However, we keep the whole process of gaining BCA club membership very simple and very cost effective. A club registers with the BCA, the cost of which includes the individual membership of the Chief Instructor, and we issue both the club and Instructor BCA membership certificates.

With this in place, students  can be registered and insured and who receive their individual BCA Grading & Record book and membership slip, together with the personal insurance confirmation.

This and much more about memberships can be found in the BCA Information Brochure and both an on-site Flip Book and PDF download are available together with an application form on the next section. An application can also be made on line. 

Associate Instructors
These are Instructors, principally on the more combative side of martial arts, maybe delivering private lessons, or running short self defence courses, who we recognise do not have long-term students and from whom we do not expect student members to be licensed. As a consequence, we established the status of Associate Instructor, a membership option for the more traditional martial arts Instructor who may, with his traditional martial arts club, be in membership with a style type organisation, but wants to develop a more individual position with his or her combative, practical teaching

However, we treat Associate Instructors as if they were a member club, with all the benefits and promotional opportunities that a club would enjoy. We can help with customised course certification for any of their course attendees, promote any events and seminars they may hold and have them listed on the site with equal status to any club.



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