Modern CQC (Close Quarter Combatives) Seminar: The Weapon Threat

Modern CQC (Close Quarter Combatives) Seminar: The Weapon Threat

Date: 1030hrs - 1500hrs: 27th January 2019

Cost: £25pp (40% discount for qualified MCQC trainers)

Location: Kyushinkai Dojo, Court Works Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth Rd, Madeley, Telford TF7 4JB


Course Content Includes:

  • Fine tuning the I.A. (Immediate Action) Drills
  • Current trends
  • Strategy/Tactical response options
  • Surviving the edged weapon threat
  • Surviving the stick or club threat
  • Surviving the firearms threat


The seminars are open to beginners and MCQC practitioners. All you require is a sense of humour and an open mind.

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Event Details
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27 Jan 2019
Court Works Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth Road, Madeley, Telford TF7 4JB
£25 per person - (40%) Discount for qualified MCQC trainers
I am relatively new to the BCA/BCKA, I left my previous Association 3 years ago to pursue a more practical approach to my training and teaching. It was Iain Abernathy who recommended I give Peter Consterdine a call. In our first phone call, Peter came across helpful, open-minded and supportive to my needs. He explained what the BCA/BCKA could provide and how it’s run. I received an information pack in the post and it ticked all the boxes. It is a very professionally run association. The admin is run extremely efficiently by Dawn and Peter provides constant support and advice to all his members. The wealth and depth of knowledge in the Instructors of the BCA/BCKA is second to none. I am extremely happy I found such a humble and supportive Association.
Graham Palmer
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