On Saturday the 9th of December Iain Abernethy will be teaching an open seminar in Durham! The seminar will run from midday to 4pm and will take place in Freemans Quay Leisure Centre, Freeman's Pl, Durham DH1 1SW. The cost is £30 / person. For more information and to book your place, please contact Dave Smith via ca6dsm@yahoo.co.uk or 07740 194575 (email preferred).

The theme of the seminar is the applications of Nijushiho / Neiseishi (24 steps). No prior knowledge of the kata is needed. This kata comes to us via Seisho Arakaki (1840 – 1918) and very similar versions of the kata are found in Shotokan, Shito-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, etc. Seisho Arakaki taught Kanryo Higaonna, who in turn was the principle teacher of Chojun Miyagi (founder of Goju-Ryu). Nijushiho / Neiseishi is the one of the few kata taught by Seisho Arakaki that did not become part of Goju-Ryu. Therefore, this kata will also be of interest of Goju practitioners too. The kata is interesting practically and historically and contains lots of effective close-range methods inducing strikes, join-locks, throws, takedowns, etc.
FB - Iain Abernethy Seminar on Kata Bunkai(Nijushiho/Neiseishi Kata)

Event Details
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09 Dec 2023
Freemans Quay Leisure Centre, Freeman's Pl, Durham DH1 1SW
07740 194575 - email preferred
£30 per person
I am relatively new to the BCA/BCKA, I left my previous Association 3 years ago to pursue a more practical approach to my training and teaching. It was Iain Abernathy who recommended I give Peter Consterdine a call. In our first phone call, Peter came across helpful, open-minded and supportive to my needs. He explained what the BCA/BCKA could provide and how it’s run. I received an information pack in the post and it ticked all the boxes. It is a very professionally run association. The admin is run extremely efficiently by Dawn and Peter provides constant support and advice to all his members. The wealth and depth of knowledge in the Instructors of the BCA/BCKA is second to none. I am extremely happy I found such a humble and supportive Association.
Graham Palmer
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