Kata Bunkai for Bassai Dai Seminar

Kata Bunkai for Bassai Dai Seminar

So much bunkai (analysis/application) that has been taught to us in the West only works when choreographed with a semi-compliant training partner. Much of it (if we're really honest) simply won't work under pressure. This seminar focuses on practical, street effective bunkai for this pivotal and important kata, Bassai Dai.

To find out more about me, my approach and my views on martial arts; please visit my website at www.BunkaiJutsu.com.

If you visit the store, you will notice that years ago I have (along with a Kung Fu friend) produced a download on Bassai Dai kata bunkai (http://bunkaijutsu.com/product/download-inside-bassai-dai/).  This Download has been endorsed by some very senior martial artists, including our own Geoff Thompson 7th Dan:

“Shotokan has always been my base system, so it was fascinating for me to watch the Charlie Wildish DVD on Bassai Dai, and come away with so much new information about this powerful kata and its origins. I particularly like the historical element about Sokon Matsumura (who created the kata) and how, when & why he created the “grappling kata”. I got a lot from this DVD and highly recommend it”.


Open to all styles and levels           

Venue:           Bristol South Aikido Dojo, Fortfield Road, Bristol, BS14 9NX.

Date/Time:     Saturday, 16 March 2019 from 01:00-04:00

 Cost:              £15 per person (or £10 each for groups of 5 or more).

For more info contact Charlie Wildish via:

            *   https://www.facebook.com/events/366305237541248/

            *   07940 852496

            *   charlie@wildish.go-plus.net


Event Details
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16 Mar 2019
Bristol South Aikido Dojo, Fortfield Road, Bristol, BS14 9NX
07940 852496
£15 per person (or £10 each for groups of 5 or more)
I am relatively new to the BCA/BCKA, I left my previous Association 3 years ago to pursue a more practical approach to my training and teaching. It was Iain Abernathy who recommended I give Peter Consterdine a call. In our first phone call, Peter came across helpful, open-minded and supportive to my needs. He explained what the BCA/BCKA could provide and how it’s run. I received an information pack in the post and it ticked all the boxes. It is a very professionally run association. The admin is run extremely efficiently by Dawn and Peter provides constant support and advice to all his members. The wealth and depth of knowledge in the Instructors of the BCA/BCKA is second to none. I am extremely happy I found such a humble and supportive Association.
Graham Palmer
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