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The home of R.E.A.L. Self Defence System, Dacayana Eskrima and Russian Kettlebell training

R.E.A.L. Self Defence System (Realistic-Effective-Adaptive-Logical) is a Krav Maga based self defence system. Krav Maga techniques enhanced by our 50+ combined years of experiences from serving on the front line as door supervisors or police officers. Techniques that have been tested under pressure in real life. The system is available to anyone, taught by experienced instructors on a weekly or a private basis. We also provide a word class full instructor development program.

Dacayana Eskrima techniques have been tested during WWII. An effective way to learn and improve fighting skills, especially weapon based skills, taught by a Certified Instructor.

Russian Kettlebell is a great way to improve fitness, strength, cardio, posture and overall wellbeing instructed by an instructor certified by Pavel Tsatsouline himself.

Tamas is a qualified instructor with a 13+ years of teaching experience. We are fully insured, first aid trained and keen to keep our knowledge up to date through participating in different workshops and cross training in different styles. We're an independent Krav Maga and an official Dacayana Eskrima club.


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Krav Maga, Dacayana Kali, Kettlebells
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