DESCRIPTION: Budo Practical Martial Arts are a proud member of the British Combat Association. We offer a full grading syllabus from white to black belt. We are a very friendly club with no egos or politics. Our classes have a great vibe and are suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. We run senior and junior Martial Arts classes as well as fitness classes. Everyone is made to feel welcome and treated with the utmost respect. The training we do is based on Practical Martial Arts, meaning that the techniques and principles we use have been tried and tested in the sport and pavement arena. We specialise in close range powerful striking, solid fundamental grappling, functional fighting fitness and realistic no nonsense self-defence/protection. The psychological aspect of combat is also addressed in the lessons. We use a vast array of unique drills and training methods for practicing our techniques, physical conditioning and developing a strong mind-set to prepare us in case we have the misfortune of protecting ourselves or loved ones. We place a massive emphasis upon personal development and our aim is to help people reach their full potential. We strongly believe in the life lessons gained through Martial Arts training and the positive effect it has on our lives. We also follow Budo, the spiritual and philosophical part of Martial Arts
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Reality Based Martial Arts, Striking, Grappling
Scout Hut PE3 9XZ, PE4 6AH, PE10 9LA
07937 259030
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