A practical and progressive approach to self-protection, health, fitness and personal security.We train every Friday, 18:00-19:00, at Endon Village Hall, Stoke-on-Trent (ST99DR).FREE first session! Just £3 thereafter pay-per-session. No direct debits or contracts to tie you down: come and go as you please.All the details are at http://evolutionaryselfprotection.com/public_training/Every session is beginner-friendly, and all levels of fitness and experience are warmly welcome. We operate in a friendly, welcoming and empowering atmosphere - there's always sweat and hard training going on but there's always laughter too. Everyone trains at their own pace among friends.We operate with a broad and balanced curriculum, covering the following conceptual areas:- Threat Awareness- Threat Evaluation- Threat Avoidance- Communicative Strategies- Proactive Training- Force DeploymentWe don't just learn how to employ violence; we learn how to prevent and avoid it altogether. In situations where that is impossible, we train the most efficient, effective and adaptable methods we can use to effect our escape and survive.We're not interested in fighting; we're interested in self-protection.Details of the class are at http://evolutionaryselfprotection.com/public_training/We also offer private and corporate training. More information is available at http://evolutionaryselfprotection.com/

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ESP is not a style but rather an eclectic and continually evolving investigation into efficiency and efficacy with many influences.
Endon Village Hall Station Road Endon Staffordshire ST9 9DR
01782 502684 / 07981 175878
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