Streetwise Defence

Streetwise Defence

We provide personal safety, violence prevention and self defence training, classes and workshops.

Our goal is to empower people with the mindset, skills and knowledge that they can stay safe and are worth protecting.

Our classes are led by Dene Josham, a security expert with over 20 years' experience at the highest level, including providing private security in hostile environments and close protection of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe.

Who we train:
We offer self defence training to schools, colleges, universities, businesses, groups and individuals.

Our self defence workshops are offered throughout the UK in person. We also train remotely via Zoom and Teams and we have a range of pre-recorded online courses.

When purchasing an online video course you receive instant access to the video demonstrations. Online courses start from just £24 and include 'Self Defence Essentials'. 'Self Defence for Women' and 'Self Defence for Men'. More courses are being development for other communities.

What we teach:
We DON'T teach martial arts, kicking or punching. We teach simple but effective self defence techniques that work in real-life violence.

Our main focus is educating people in awareness and avoidance of violence, dangerous people and situations so that a physical response is the last resort.

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Lead instructor: Dene Josham

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