Russian Sambo wrestling and Combat Sambo are Russian martial arts and combat sports developed by the Red Army in soviet Russia. Combat Sambo is a mixture of Wrestling, grappling, Striking and Self Defence against weapons such as knives and firearms.

Wirral Sambo have a purpose made training facility for all levels of experience and beginners are made very welcome. At Wirral Sambo students can train to compete in competitions. Moreover, and imortantly we enable students to protect themselves in potentially violent or even life threatening situations.

At Wirral Sambo students have opportunity to take our club gradings and enter competitions, although many students come simply for the fitness aspect of the training.

Whether you’re looking to compete, or simply improve your fitness and health come and train with Wirral Sambo.

We are located in Rock Ferry on the Wirral.


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Tony Preston on 07899 902003
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